It is widely known, that even products with proper heksher (kosher sign) might have different status or even not kosher at all. A lot of kosher authorities all over the world issue the lists of alerts about various certified or not certified products.
We decided to collect all the alerts in kosher world in one place in order to help our users identify truly kosher food on a store’s shelf.

Check out the following list of alerts. You can search for some product or a name of the company. The lists are updated daily, so you can get the latest information from all over the world.

title issue company authority date
Chug Chasam Sofer Bnei Brak Kosher Alert: Maxom Cookies

Company: Maxom CookiesProducts: Cookies Maxom cookies, product of Russia, were labeled with an unauthorized Badatz "Chug Chasam Sofer" Bnai Brak, Israel certification. This product is sold in Canada and is NOT...

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2014-01-15
General Kashrut Update

10 JANUARY 2014  - 9 SHEVAT 5774 Checkers Balfour Park butchery no longer stocks Mehadrin Commission red meat. All red meat is Beth Din Mehadrin. Chickens are Mehadrin Commission (with Mehadrin Commission sticker). The Sandton Bagel & Bistro in Rivonia Road (near Inanda) has not closed down. They continue to trade as before. Ceres Fruit Juices sold in Dis-chem pharmacies bearing a sticker with the BD logo are kosher and parev. Some batches of Woolworths dry-roasted cashews (Barcode 6009178950807) bear a parev logo. These are milchik. Packaging has been corrected. Bos Ice Tea in bottles and cans (listed flavours only) are certified kosher and parev. Tetrapak cartons are not approved. Sasko Cheese & Chives Muffin Mix is milchik and has been incorrectly marked parev. New packaging has been corrected. Cadbury Crunchie and Flake are no longer kosher certified. Slush Puppie is no longer kosher certified. An updated list of certified Lindt products is available on the UOS website and mobi search. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2014-01-10
Tex Mex Mix Kashrus Alert Montreal Kosher. Canada 2014-01-01
Mr. Omelette Caterers

Mr. Omelette Caterers, of the Baltimore/Washington area, is advertising that they are certified by STAR-K Kosher Certification. In fact, they are not, and have never been, certified by STAR-K . Corrective action is being taken.  

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Star-K 2013-12-31
KSA Kosher Alert: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts No Longer KSA Certified in Canada

Company: Krispy Kreme Please be advised, the KSA no longer certifies any of the Krispy Kreme Canada stores. Corrective Measures have been taken to insure the...

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2013-12-24

12 DECEMBER 2013  - 9 TEVES 5774 Yoshon Bulletin No. 2 --- 12 December 2013 / 9 Teves 5774 --- has been published. Go to "Kashrut Information / Yoshon / YOSHON BULLETIN #2" or simply CLICK HERE for more details. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-12-12
Kosher Phone Wireless

Effective immediately, the STAR-K will discontinue certification of the Kosher Phone distributed by Kosher Phone Wireless. We have recently determined that although the vast majority of users are still unable to access the internet, it is possible to obtain limited access through a complicated and costly procedure. Due to this potential limited internet access, the Star-K has decided to discontinue certification of these phones. For those who already purchased the phone, it is still very effective and nearly all users will be unable to connect to the internet. For those individuals who will be continuing to use the phone, please note the following important information regarding the usage of the phone. The phone requires use of a SIM card. It is an unlocked GSM phone that can operate using a SIM card from any GSM cell service provider worldwide. Bring the phone into a cell phone store to request SIM card service. Once you decide on a plan, have them set up the service. Please note that the monthly service plan provided by Kosher Phone Wireless was never under Star-K certification.  

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Star-K 2013-12-11
OU Kosher Alert: RISERVA DANTE POTATO GNOCCHI Bears Unauthorized OU

RISERVA DANTE POTATO GNOCCHI produced by Riserva Dante, Toronto ON is not certified by the Orthodox Union and bears an unauthorized OU. This product is sold in Canada. Corrective actions have been implemented....

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2013-12-05
Peppers grown in Israel alert Montreal Kosher. Canada 2013-12-01
Garlic & Chestnut Important Announcement Montreal Kosher. Canada 2013-12-01
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