It is widely known, that even products with proper heksher (kosher sign) might have different status or even not kosher at all. A lot of kosher authorities all over the world issue the lists of alerts about various certified or not certified products.
We decided to collect all the alerts in kosher world in one place in order to help our users identify truly kosher food on a store’s shelf.

Check out the following list of alerts. You can search for some product or a name of the company. The lists are updated daily, so you can get the latest information from all over the world.

title issue company authority date
Chalav Yisrael & Communication

12 JUNE 2013  - 4 TAMMUZ 5773 In our efforts to ensure continuous availability and good quality of Chalav Yisrael products, we have met with a number of manufacturers, retailers and community interest groups. One consistent theme that emerges is that given the relatively small demand for Chalav Yisrael products, production is not continuous, and consumers are often unaware of when products will be produced or where they are available. The need for communication is paramount, and to this end, we have created a Chalav Yisrael "Google Group". Its purpose is to notify users regarding batch production, availability, tips and other issues relating to certified Chalav Yisrael products. It is a group for information, not for complaints, free advertising or putting others down. Users will be able to communicate with each other via the group as well. We encourage the entire kosher community, not just those who are particular to consume only Chalav Yisrael products, to join the group, as news and information relating to kosher products (Chalav Yisrael or otherwise) would be of benefit to all consumers. The group is To Subscribe - three simple steps:  Once a member, you will be able to set the number of emails you receive, whether individually or in a digest, or not at all, allowing only for web viewing. The UOS remains committed to ensuring that the needs of all members of our community are met, and with your partnership, we believe we can achieve this. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-06-12
Valued Naturals Brand Assorted Salt Water Taffy

Valued Naturals Brand Assorted Salt Water Taffy distributed by International FoodSource LLC of Dover, NJ, is dairy and bears an unauthorized Star-K Kosher symbol. 

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Star-K 2013-06-10
The Deli Store, Gallo Manor (re-opened)

6 JUNE 2013  - 28 SIVAN 5773 The Deli Store (meat restaurant/deli) in Morninglen Shopping Centre (Gallo Manor) has re-opened under new management. Current Trading Hours (subject to change) Sunday to Thursday : 10am to 10pm Friday: 10am to 3:30pm Saturday: 1 hour after Shabbat till 12:00am Call 011 656-3142 or email for further information and bookings ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-06-06
Albert Uster Zurimix brand Marshmallow Mix

The Albert Uster Zurimix brand Marshmallow Mix, lot # 3128.3, bears an unauthorized Star-K and is not Kosher. It contains a non-Kosher ingredient that had been inadvertently labeled with a Kosher symbol from a different Kashrus agency. The product has been recalled. The certification for Boston Cookies, Boston, MA, has been terminated. Any Boston Cookie products still found in the marketplace, even when bearing the Star-K, should be considered not Kosher. Corrective action has been taken. Rainforest Organics Dark Chocolate Bars, manufactured for Rainforest Herbal Products, bears an unauthorized Star-K. Corrective action has been taken.

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Star-K 2013-06-04
Domaine Pinnacle Kashrus Alert - Ice Apple Wine Montreal Kosher. Canada 2013-06-01
All Gold Spaghetti in Cheese Flavoured Tomato Sauce (NOT Kosher)

31 MAY 2013  - 22 SIVAN 5773 All Gold Spaghetti in cheese flavoured tomato sauce is NOT kosher. The Beth Din Parev logo has been used without authorisation and will be removed from future labels. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-05-31
Kosher Alert: Creation Food Services - Unauthorized COR

Company:     Creation Food Services Ltd Brands:         Creation Food Services Products:      Yogurt Cakes - Lemon FlavourIssue:           This product bears an una...

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2013-05-29
Beacon Chocolate Coated Jelly Tots

27 MAY 2013  - 18 SIVAN 5773 Below please find a re-send of an alert sent recently. Existing stock of the "parev" labelled product is expected to last a few more weeks. New packaging has already been printed with the correct logo. Beacon Chocolate Coated Jelly Tots are certified kosher, Milchik. Unfortunately one batch has been labelled with the Parev logo. Beacon has issued the following statement: "We have checked our packaging and indeed it incorrectly states Parev. Of course it should have been Milchik, as per Beth Din instruction, due to the chocolate coating. Our sincere apologies - please could you inform your consumers that we did make a mistake and that we will rectify it immediately." ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-05-27
Yogoorus in Melrose Arch NOT under Beth Din supervision

27 MAY 2013  - 18 SIVAN 5773 "Yogoorus" frozen yoghurt store in Melrose Arch is NOT under Beth Din supervision. They have displayed a photocopy of a letter written by one of the Kashrut secretaries, addressed to a local distributor, confirming that certain imported products are kosher. These products form part of the yoghurt mix but neither the final mix not the store are supervised or certified by the Beth Din. This is an internal business letter and NOT a certificate. Their use and display of the letter which gives the impression that their store and/or products is certified, is misleading. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-05-27
Availabili​ty of Chalav Yisrael Products

23 MAY 2013  - 14 SIVAN 5773 We are aware of the current difficulties being experienced in sourcing sufficient quantities of supervised Chalav Yisrael milk, cheese and yoghurts. We are sensitive to the needs of the Chalav Yisrael community and are doing everything within our power to bring about a change in the situation. One of the main issues we have to deal with is the size of the kosher community, which in consumer terms, is relatively small, and within that, the demand for supervised Chalav Yisrael products is even smaller. Manufacturers are reluctant to produce products where demand is not sufficient to justify the additional expenses and resources required for production of these products. However, we remain committed to ensuring that supply (and quality) meets demand and will continue our efforts in this regard. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-05-23
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