It is widely known, that even products with proper heksher (kosher sign) might have different status or even not kosher at all. A lot of kosher authorities all over the world issue the lists of alerts about various certified or not certified products.
We decided to collect all the alerts in kosher world in one place in order to help our users identify truly kosher food on a store’s shelf.

Check out the following list of alerts. You can search for some product or a name of the company. The lists are updated daily, so you can get the latest information from all over the world.

title issue company authority date
Tic Tacs

11 APRIL 2013  - 1 IYAR 5773 Tic Tacs are now certified Kosher, Parev, when manufactured in South Africa, with or without the BD logo. New packaging will bear the logo in due course. Certified flavours are: Orange, Spearmint, Mint, Cherry Passion. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-04-11
REAL BAGEL Kashrus Notice Montreal Kosher. Canada 2013-04-01

20 MARCH 2013  - 9 NISSAN 5733 As mentioned previously, there are some errors in the times for some cities, as well as on the Sefirat Ha’Omer calendar published in the Pesach Guide. We apologise for this oversight. Click the following hyperlinks for the updated details:  Montic Chalav Yisrael milk is kosher for Pesach with or without a specific Pesach sticker. Plain Rooibos tea is kosher for Pesach without a Pesach sticker. Quinoa is acceptable for Pesach. However, since it is not packed under supervision, there is a possibility that other grains may be mixed in. It is therefore recommended to purchase quinoa before Pesach and to carefully check for other grains which should then be removed. The following SAD and Wellingtons dried Fruits are kosher for Pesach without a Pesach sticker: Apple Rings, Apricots (not Turkish Apricots), Peaches, Pears, Prunes, Raisins. All Lancewood white cheeses marked kosher for Passover are Chalav Yisrael, although not marked as such. The following Clover butters are kosher for Pesach in the following brands. They do not have a Pesach sticker and are not Chalav Yisrael: Coca Cola and Diet Coke cans are being imported from Israel. They are available in packs of 24 from various Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stores. Genadendal Frozen oven baked chips are kosher for Passover when bearing the words "Passover" and a date stamp "05/03/2013" ink jetted into the packaging. The offices of the UOS will be closed during Pesach. For any questions during Chol Ha’Moed, please use one of the following: Cell Phone 072 703 5680 (update on number listed in guide) Facebook Kashrut SA Twitter @UOSofSA #workingforyou Email The general number for the UOS during office hours is 010 214 2600 ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-20
Pet Food for Pesach - Update

17 MARCH 2013  - 6 NISSAN 5773 Animals are not required to keep kosher, nor are they obligated in the laws of Pesach. However, we are not permitted to possess chametz or to derive any benefit from it, and it is therefore necessary to ensure that any pet food is free of chametz. There is no problem having kitniyot in pet food. Below is an updated list of pet foods which are free of chametz. This list supersedes all previous lists including that which is printed in the Pesach guide. It is also available for download from our website. Please Note:It remains the pet owner’s responsibility to check the ingredients when purchasing pet foods, as the manufacturers cannot guarantee that changes will not be made in formulation of the foods due to the volatility (price and availability) of raw materials. The products listed have been checked extensively before Pesach.   EUKANUBA / IAMS 1. Dogs Prescription Diet Normal Diet Prescription Diet Contact Details: 011 463-8140   HILL’S PET NUTRITION 1. Dogs Prescription Diet Science Plan 1. Cats Prescription Diet: Science Plan   ROYAL CANIN If your pet is on a Royal Canin diet that is not on the list below, Royal Canin suggests you use Royal Canin’s Sensitivity Control over Pesach. This product is designed for food and skin allergies, and is safe for growing puppies and kittens. It is very easy to digest, so you can change straight on to Sensitivity Control without risking stomach upsets in sensitive pets. Sensitivity Control Canine and Feline is available in dry, tins and pouches, so even pets that are normally fed on wet food can eat this diet easily. 1. Dogs Prescription Diet 1. Cats Prescription Diet   Vets Choice Dogs Only Sensitive food is suitable. Contact Details: 011 801 5000   SVD (Ultra Dog) Dogs Only Hypo-allergenic food is suitable. Contact Details: Annelise or Martin Croeser 011 411 5535   Supermarkets Dogs: It remains the Pet Owners responsibility to check the ingredients when purchasing pet foods. Please refer to the ingredients listed on the package. Most of these products list CEREAL as a base ingredient. Please note that the species of the grain IS NOT specified, therefore, these foods are not recommended. Please avoid pet foods containing Brewers Yeast. This extract is devised from wheat. Cats: Whiskas Purrfectly Fish, Ocean Lucky Pet, Pilchards and Sardines   Fish All flaked or pelleted foods contain Chametz. The only suitable foods are: Tetra, Fresh Delicia, Whole Bloodworms, Daphnia or Brine Shrimp (packaged as a box containing 16 x 3 g sachet). Tetra Fresh Delicia may be used for aquarium or cold water fish. These products are now available at most pet shops. Koi Fish: Koi Fish can be fed successfully over Pesach using matzoh meal.   Birds, Rabbits & Hamsters: The "no chametz" food mixes for Birds, Hamsters, Mice and Rabbits can be obtained from Things Pets Like, contact Mrs Michelle Rabin on 072 230 1077. Please phone ahead of time to ensure that suitable products are in stock and available. Rabbits, Hamsters, Pet Mice, Rats & Guinea Pigs: Can be fed a homemade diet consisting of green and yellow vegetables + maize grit and sunflower seeds. Need to add an Interflora called Protexin (available at all Veterinarian Hospitals). And you need to provide a base of soil (needed for iron) + Lucerne Hay. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-17

13 MARCH 2013  - 2 NISSAN 5773 Please note that the "Pesach section" in retail stores is not under Beth Din supervision. Our certification extends only to the products, and we have no control over how independent retailers pack their shelves. Please check the labels very carefully to ensure that the products are properly certified for Pesach. KOSHERWORLD is certified by the Kashrut Division and the Pesach shelves have been checked at this store.   The Beth Din Pesach Guide is now available on our website. There you will find: The actual hard copy of the guide is kindly sponsored by Pick n Pay. Hard copies of the guide are available in selected Pick n pay stores. * Note: there are some errors in some of the times for cities outside JHB and on the Omer calendar. We apologise for this, and will be sending out a correction in due course.   Some imported products, especially from Israel, carry a valid Pesach hechsher but contain kitniyot or kitniyot derivatives. The custom amongst Ashkenazim is not to consume kitniyot. There are different opinions regarding kitniyot derivatives. Please check labels carefully and make your purchases in accordance with your customs. Products bearing the OU or Star-K hechsher which are kosher for Pesach will have the letter “P” adjacent to the logo. The “P” is for Pesach, not Parev.   All LANCEWOOD white cheeses marked kosher for Passover are Chalav Yisrael, although not marked as such. The following CLOVER butters are kosher for Pesach in the following brands. They do not have a Pesach sticker and are not Chalav Yisrael: Mooiriver – salted butter Springbok – unsalted butter COCA COLA and DIET COKE cans are being imported from Israel. They will be available in packs of 24 from various Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stores from next week. GENADENDAL Frozen oven baked chips are kosher for Passover when bearing the words “Kosher for Passover” or “Passover” next to the sell by date.   The KCO is an independent body whose stated mission is to “empower and mobilise the kosher consumer”. Any consumer related issues, such as service, availibility and price, can be brought to their attention, and they will assist the consumer by putting them in touch with the relevant provider, and where no satisfactory response is received, by taking up the issue on their behalf. They do not deal with kashrut or halachic issues. They can be contacted via email on or on their Facebook group . ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-13

12 MARCH 2013  - 1 NISSAN 5773 Please note that it has been found that there are a number of products that are being sold as "Matzah" which are not suitable for Pesach. Please check that the Matzah that you are purchasing has a reliable Hechsher and is Kosher for Pesach. The Beth Din certifies both Mozmark’s and Rakusen’s Matzah as Kosher for Pesach.   Chametz is only created by the fermentation of flour from one of the five major grains in the presence of water. Fermentation in the presence of all other liquids – such as fruit juices, wine or eggs - cannot become Chametz. The mixture commonly known as Egg Matzah (although it is usually made today with apple or grape juice) may therefore be eaten during Pesach without any concerns of Chametz as long as no water is added. If even a drop of water is added to the mixture or to any of its ingredients, the mixture becomes Chametz almost immediately. It is for this reason that the custom among Ashkenazim is to refrain from using Egg Matzah during Pesach, unless it is absolutely necessary for children or the elderly who would have difficulty eating regular Matzah; and even then they may not fulfil the Mitzvah of eating Matzah at the Seder with Egg Matzah. ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-12
Beacon Chocolate Coated Jelly Tots

7 MARCH 2013  - 25 ADAR 5773 Beacon Chocolate Coated Jelly Tots are certified kosher, Milchik. Unfortunately one batch has been labelled with the Parev logo. Beacon have issued the following statement: "We have checked our Pkg and indeed the Pkg incorrectly states Parev. Of course it should have been Milchik, as per Beth Din instruction, due to the chocolate coating. Our sincere apologies - please could you inform your consumers that we did make a mistake and that we will rectify it immediately." ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-07

4 MARCH 2013  - 22 ADAR 5773 Yoshon Bulletin No. 4 --- 4 March 2013 / 22 Adar 5773 --- has been published. Go to "Kashrut Information / Yoshon / YOSHON BULLETIN #4" or simply CLICK HERE for more details. PLEASE NOTE: In future, we will only send the Yoshon Bulletin EMAILS to those who specifically request it. Should you wish to be added to the YOSHON BULLETIN list, send an email with the word "Yoshon" in the subject to If you have done so already, there is no need to send it again ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-03-04
Kosher Advisory: Strub's Kosher for Passover Pickles

 Brand:Strub's Pickles Product:Half Sour Kosher New Dill Pickles in Original Brine Issue:The product is kosher for Passover but lists mustard seed in the ingredient panel which is kitniyot. This product does not...

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2013-02-27
Nestle Milo and Cheerios cereals

25 FEBRUARY 2013  - 15 ADAR 5773 The following cereals manufactured by Nestle S.A are certified Kosher, Milchik, without the Beth Din logo: ******************************************

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South Africa Kosher 2013-02-25
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