It is widely known, that even products with proper heksher (kosher sign) might have different status or even not kosher at all. A lot of kosher authorities all over the world issue the lists of alerts about various certified or not certified products.
We decided to collect all the alerts in kosher world in one place in order to help our users identify truly kosher food on a store’s shelf.

Check out the following list of alerts. You can search for some product or a name of the company. The lists are updated daily, so you can get the latest information from all over the world.

title issue company authority date
Compliments brand Chocolates, Candies, Nuts - Update

Posted: November 2nd, 2010 Please be advised that Compliments brand Chocolates, Candies, and Nuts ...

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Kashruth Council of Canada 2010-08-24
Restaurant El Morocco Location -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 2010-08-01
Manicotti & Jumbo Shells - Made in Italy -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 2010-08-01
Pepper Notice  Montreal Kosher. Canada 2010-05-01
Kosher Quality VSL -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 2010-04-01
Weston -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 2010-02-01
Casablanca - Truffles Montreal Kosher. Canada 0027-03-01
Strawberries - (Not Good) Montreal Kosher. Canada 0025-06-01
Grenache Creamy Maple Spread -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 0023-07-01
Chez Benny VSL -  Montreal Kosher. Canada 0015-09-01
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