Android app version 3.2 got some really interesting improvements.
1. Thanks to Robert Reuven Pass for a help with localization to Polish. Reuven is a founder of Jewish iPhone Community – a wonderful resource for information about new apps and solutions for the needs of observing Jews.
And some more news for Poland – KosherDev is going to be presented on Limud Poland

2. Recently Google Play Market app got serious User interface tune. So, we were so impressed that decided to use this inspirational idea to implement in “Is it kosher?” app for Android.
Here is the result of my work:

3. You can help our project to improve our work. Just press “Add Barcode” link and scan for product’s barcode – information will be added to our database immediately.

4. Good news for German users – we added data from J├╝disches Bildungszentrum Chabad Lubawitsch Berlin. We also got an agreement with Chabad center in Berlin, so that they will add all the required information to our database.

Many small improvement and bugfixes.

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