During last two weeks we released two major updates with lot of significant features.

First of all, there are added the following databases:
– Kosher Uruguay (http://kasher.uy)
– One Kosher, Mexico (http://www.1kosher.com)
– Its Kosher, Australia (http://itskosher.com.au)

Special thanks to Salco Kuyt, who helped us to improve the data from the Netherlands kosher department.

We improved localization of the app:
– Spanish localization is added. Thanks to Ben-Tzion Spitz from Uruquay
– Russian translation improved

And the very important improvement we are working now is better BarCode integration. We are making kosher products status detection by BarCode even better than now.
Take a look on the video of the process.

NOTE: not all products are currently detected by BarCode scan, but we are working hard to make it better.

And also we have done a lot more improvements and bug fixes.

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