“Ask Rabbi” network is extended

Last year we started a new initiative – made it possible to ask real mashgiach about kosher status of products found in local supermarkets. First we got in agreement with the Conference of European Rabbis and this was pure experiment. And we saw, that the system is working and people ask more and more questions about products. Thanks to Rabbi Gedaliya Koltanyuk, who supported the idea on start and helped a lot later. A month ago one of the biggest kosher authorities in the world Star-K joined the initiative. With the help of Rabbi Zvi Holland we improved the system

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JewQeeez board game

What we love aside from kosher food and startups? We admire fun and cool initiative. That is why we are happy to present a new project from our friends – JewQeeez board game. Here is message from the team behind the game: Dear friends! We just launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to produce new board game for learning Jewish history and traditions. This project really needs your support and only together we can get it done! Thanks a lot for everyone who will support us and TODA RABA! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR US! Indiegogo

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Kosher Beer: Do Beers Need a Hechsher and Status of Microbreweries?

Kosher Beer production is growing. But still the question is actual – does beer need kosher certification or not? A very interesting shiur on Craft beers and kosher status of microbreweries. Check out Avraham Pressburger – Do Beers Need a Hechsher and Status of Microbreweries. Shiur was brought by Kosher Craft Beer blog, which collects all the information on various beers. We have collected all the possible information on various sorts of craft beers all over the world. Information from Orthodox Union, OK Kosher, Star-K, Kosher Russia, London Beit Div and many more. You can search for a product name

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Grow your own kosher vegetables at home.

Everybody knows that there is very little of problems with kosher vegetables. But there might be some issues with vegetables as well. One of the most common issues is infestation. How to avoid this problem, you can find a lot of helpful information. We found an interesting way of lowering the danger of infestation, by growing own garden. Recently I got a present from my brother – “Click & Grow” kit for 3 pots. I am not fond of gardening very much but got intrigued. During first 3 months I got basil from started kit and now I am growing

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Best kosher cookies for winter time

What can be better, that sitting with a hot tea, favorite cookies and a book? Right – kosher cookies. We know for sure, that you can cook your own cookies. But we selected the best of available in shops near you. Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Cookie Walkers cookies are just the best selection for winter. With mixed taste of ginger it makes absolutely incredible taste and smell. At some point you have chance to feel yourself a little bit British. Don’t miss 5 O’Clock tea, dear. Note: Cookies have OU heksher with Dairy status (Cholov Akum). MILLEFOGLIE D’ITALIA Let’s go

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Kosher vodka list

Kosher vodka - Hanukkah

Hanukkah has past and we decided to extend our list of kosher vodka drinks in order to help find proper drink for Purim. What is kosher vodka? In general you don’t need a heksher to have kosher vodka on your table. But some of the producers might filter with help of non-kosher ingredients or milk, and it might be a problem from the position of various kosher authorities. So, actually kosher vodka is just usual vodka without color additives and problematic ingredients during processing. Eastern Europe traditions Everybody knows Latkes, but not everybody knows where it comes from. Latkes is

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