One of the biggest issues for people eating kosher is often a noticeably higher price compared to similar non-­kosher products. The Third Conference of Kashruth Organizations in Europe raised the problem of overpriced kosher food as one of the most important (


Mobile app “Is it kosher?” creates a prominent diversity on kosher market. Our project helps to widen the selection of kosher products. This is just a simple math – the bigger a selection of products available, the simplier is to find a better deal.

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For example, you are buying a your favorite ketchup in upside-down bottle because you know it is kosher. 1-liter pack is about 3 euros (yes, we have such prices here). But what if you know that similar kosher ketchup is only 2 euros? Wouldn’t you at least consider buying a less expensive option? And you get this information just by a few quick taps in your iPhone or Android device.


KosherDev team resides in Tallinn, Estonia and we know how it is difficult to find kosher products in such place as ours. Since we started our project selection of kosher food widened significantly. So, our own experience with this project proves that “It is kosher?” not only helps to find our which product is kosher, it also helps to cut on your everyday kosher groceries spendings.


You can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo today to save money on your kosher bucket tomorrow.


Stay kosher and don’t pay more!

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