The summer vacation is coming up. Most of people plan their vacation trips.
So, we made a list of tips to help you travel smoothly during your vacation.

1) Make a list – Write down all of the most important things you need to take with you, especially if you are traveling with children.

2) Early check in – be sure to check in before you are going to the airport, it will save you time at the airport, some companies charge extra to check-in at the airport. Early check in might keeps you from being overbooking.

3) Take an extra battery or power-bank – usually, the battery will “die” in the most important minute.

4) Buy a travel insurance – even if you are sure nothing will happen, don’t take the risk.

5) Separate your personal items – if you will lose one of your bags, at least you won’t lose all your belongings.

6) Separate your money, passport, credit cards – in case something will be stolen at least you will stay with part of the payment methods.

7) Make a copy of your documents – in case you will lose your documents, you will have the copies when you go to the embassy.

8) Take a small medical kit – not too much but for the first aid it might save you.

9) Navigation apps – check the possibilities of making your smartphone into a navigator. In some cases, you can get free navigation without Internet usage.

10) Kosher application – download “Is It Kosher?” application – the app will help you to find kosher food in the local stores, kosher restaurants/shops in all around the world.

11) “Simple Luach” application – Jewish calendar will provide you lots of useful features as zmanin, where is the nearest minyan, compass and eruv.

12) Be flexible with your plans – usually, there are some small changes, don’t let them destroy your vacation.

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