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Monako is a true gem on Mediterranean shore. And it is worth to visit it.

There is no lot of kosher services in the area. New synagogue is nice and has Mikvah.

But you can buy kosher food in Nice as locals do 😉

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Nearest places to daven (Synagogues, minyans, etc.)

ACIM15,Avenue de la Costa, Monaco
Ezrat Ahim1 rue Blacas, Nice
Yechiva Torat Haim CEJ 31 avenue Barbusse, NiceEdot-HaMizrach
Habad-Lubavitch French Riviera22 Rue Rossini, 2nd floor, NiceAri
Bet Yossef16 rue Alexis Mossa, NiceEdot-HaMizrach
Merkaz des jeunesMerkaz de nice, Nice
A.T.I.S Nice France1 bis rue Boissy d`Anglas, NiceSefard
MAIMONIDE35 avenue des oliviers, Saint Laurent du VarEdot-HaMizrach
Aci St Laurent35 rue des oliviers, Saint Laurent du var
Habad Loubavitch Antibes Juan les Pins28 avenue Amiral Courbet, Antibes Juan les PinsAri

Nearest places to eat kosher

DAVID GUEZ105 Route de Laghet, 06340 La Trinité, FranceCAFE
TRADITIONS ET RECEPTIONS1 Avenue des Palmiers, 06100 Nice, FranceCAFE
BOUCHERIE HENRI33 Rue de Lépante, 06000 Nice, FranceBUTCHER
LE LEVIATHAN8 Rue Saint-Siagre, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
ANDRE KRIEF12 Rue Flaminius Raiberti, 06000 Nice, FranceBUTCHER
LAURENT AMOUYAL2 Boulevard Joseph Garnier, 06100 Nice, FranceCAFE
KOSH2a Rue Paganini, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
AMOUYAL23 Boulevard Joseph Garnier, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
KINERETH37 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice, FranceCAFE
KINERETH37 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT