Nice is a favorite destination for French Jews during summer time. And for sure it is known for it’s fancy hotels and historical places.

There are lot of kosher places in Nice, so you won’t be hungry anyway.


Free private parking is available on site.
The kitchenette has an oven. TV is available.

Palais J.B Angulf

Apartment  a balcony, a sitting area with a flat-screen TV and DVD player. There is also a dining area and a kitchen fitted with a dishwasher. An oven, a microwave, toaster and well as a coffee machine.

Hotel Crillon Centre Nice by Happyculture

The guest rooms at Hotel Crillon feature a Mediterranean décor and are all accessible by elevator. Rooms have a bathroom with a hairdryer.

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Nearest places to daven (Synagogues, minyans, etc.)

Habad-Lubavitch French Riviera22 Rue Rossini, 2nd floor, NiceAri
Ezrat Ahim1 rue Blacas, Nice
Bet Yossef16 rue Alexis Mossa, NiceEdot-HaMizrach
Merkaz des jeunesMerkaz de nice, Nice
A.T.I.S Nice France1 bis rue Boissy d`Anglas, NiceSefard
Yechiva Torat Haim CEJ 31 avenue Barbusse, NiceEdot-HaMizrach
MAIMONIDE35 avenue des oliviers, Saint Laurent du VarEdot-HaMizrach
Aci St Laurent35 rue des oliviers, Saint Laurent du var
ACIM15,Avenue de la Costa, Monaco
Habad Loubavitch Antibes Juan les Pins28 avenue Amiral Courbet, Antibes Juan les PinsAri

Nearest places to eat kosher

LE DAUPHIN BLEU24 Rue Meyerbeer, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
LECHEM CHAMAYIM22 Rue Rossini, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
KINERETH37 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice, FranceCAFE
KINERETH37 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
KOSH2a Rue Paganini, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
LE KETER39 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
KETER SHUSHI37-41 Rue Gounod, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
MEAT BAR11 Rue Andrioli, 06000 Nice, FranceRESTAURANT
K'GEL18 Rue Dante, 06000 Nice, FranceBUTCHER
K GEL18-20 Rue Dante, 06000 Nice, FranceCAFE


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