Long time ago there appeared an important movement – placing kosher symbol on a products, verified by a certain kosher authority. Nowadays, there are plenty of kosher certifying organizations all over the world. So, now there is another problem – How to identify which kosher symbol means what?
We collected a number of kosher symbols from different countries, approved by various orthodox organizations.

But remember, that there are plenty of food in the market, which is not labeled with kosher symbol, but still verified and approved. Check out our kosher products search page Kosher Search.

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Badatz Mehadrin Kosher Australia
Badatz Mehadrin South Africa Kosher
Badatz Mehadrin   10 Rechov Miriam Mizrachi 6th Floor, Room 18 Rechovot, Israel 76106   Rabbi Avraham Rubin 9728-939-0816 CRC
Badatz Mishmeres L'Mishmeres Badatz Mishmeres L'Mishmeres 1157 42nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11219 Tel: 718-305-7970 Fax: 718-436-0846 Cell: 718-305-9790 KOSHER Quest
Badatz of Boston 5th Floor, 15 School St., Boston, MA 02108 617-227-8200, Fax:617-227-8420 The Zvhil-Mezbuz Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Y. A. Korff, Administrator E-Mail: BaDaTz-Rabbinic-Court@rebbe.org Kashrut.com
Badatz of Russia under the CHIEF RABBINATE OF RUSSIA 2nd Vysheslavtzev per., 5a, Moscow, 127018, Russia +7 495 631-25-00, +7 495 783-48-20, Fax: +7 496 681-91-98 Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chairman Rabbi Yosef Verzub, General Director E-Mail: kosher@kosher.ru Kashrut.com
Badatz of Russia www.kosher.ru Kosher Australia
Badatz Sheris Yisroel Kosher Australia
Badatz Toronto Badatz Toronto Rabbi Moshe Bensalmon Tel: 647-831-4916 Email: info@badatz.ca Kashrut Administrator Rabbi Amram Assayag Tel: 905-669-7600 Ext 220 Email: assayag@badatz.ca Rav Hamachshir KOSHER Quest
Badatz Toronto 145 Riviera Drive, Unit 9 Markham Ontario L3R 5J6 647-831-4916, Fax:905-479-2007 Rabbi Amram Assayag, Rav Hamachshir Rabbi Moshe Bensalmon, Kashruth Administrator E-Mail: info@badatz.ca Kashrut.com
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