It past a month since our campaign on Indiegogo finished.
We did a lot of new features during this month and starting new 5775 year with new vision how to develop our project.

So, we’d like to thank all the people, who believed in our project and contributed any amount of money to make “Is it kosher?” even better.

  • Jacob Goldman
  • Vladimirs Petrocenko
  • Efraim Shmuel Kot
  • Oleg Khokhlov
  • Igors Sverdlovs
  • Stefan Oskar
  • Betty Kaplan
  • Alexander Etlin
  • Mark Kofman
  • Grigorijs Beshkins
  • Vadim Mikhailov
  • Edwin Slonim
  • Dmitri Shmorgun
  • Ilja Shmorgun
  • Freydie Goldshmidt
  • Jonathan Wallace
  • Natalia Fuksmane
  • Dana Singh
  • Svetlana Olev
  • Shmoo Snook
  • Ajala Jacobs
  • Michael Bukhman
  • Kim Vorenholt
  • Yuri Denshchik
  • Samu Tamminen
  • Robert-Reuven Pasieczny
  • Froukje Jacobs-Steenstra
  • Boris and Ilina Beshkins
  • עזריאל קופלר
  • ROI Community

and many more of those, who wanted to stay Anonymous.

Those, who ordered T-shirts and fridge magnets, they are on the way to you.

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