Yes, food waste has been common among ancient cultures and and you can induce, very Kosher! [amazon_link asins=’B00NIPV8VY,B074F16VH4,B004DN7MBU,B06XPGNDL8,B01DXBMKPK,B00STPNS52,B00BTK21X4,B01H0QDM7Y,B001942GAI,B01CUS63OG|B00ELCNR8A,B004W2WQ4U,B00EM6GUMK,B071LF7BMB’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’giulia-isitkosher-site-20|kosherdev-21′ marketplace=’US|UK’ link_id=’39c9527b-2c24-11e8-a884-4b7143a223db’] If that is not convincing enough, the highest source of  pollution worldwide comes from the United States, and a large source comes from organic food waste. Maybe we can decrease some food waste. Source […]