Strawberries are one of most popular and favourite fruits among adults and children. However, be careful while eating – some berries can be infected by insects. “Koshrut” organization explains how to deal with this problem.

The strawberries’ season has just started and everyone eager to eat as many berries as possible.

This year “Koshrut” organization found a large number of insects that hide in the lumps of fruits and below the stem.

“Koshrut” organization explains what needs to be done before you eat strawberry in order for it to be kosher:

1. Remove the leaf with a piece of strawberry to make sure that there are no insects inside.

2. Soak berries for 3 minutes with a little dish soap.

3. After soaking, rub each strawberry with a toothbrush under the running water.

4. Wash all berries again with new soapy water.


Also check the video how to do it.

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