Dear “Is It Kosher?” app’s enjoyers,
Our team always thinks how to make it easier for you to find the best quality kosher products all over the world. We know it is not always easy, so we created this free app to facilitate your searches.
Another problem we came across was that the prices for kosher products are usually higher than for their non-kosher equivalents.
This is why we decided to create a new feature in our app!
From now on you can find kosher products’ prices right in the app, so before buying you will be able to compare prices for different products, choose ones that suit you the best and even order them online right away.
At the moment not all kosher shops and producers provided us with their pricing information, but some did and this functionality is already working. Download «Is it Kosher?» free app and check it out!
Notice for kosher products’ manufacturers: if you produce or sell kosher products, please get in touch and we will add your products with the prices to our system to let our 80,000 customers know about them!

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