Dear friends,

It past already two years of active work of our project “Is it kosher?”. We reached a lot during this period, but the time came to make a push for our project in order to move to another step.

So, we decided to find finance for our big plans from our users, friends and customers. The best way to do it is crowdfunding, but we realized that it is much worth to use specialized platform and we chose This is a true Jewish Crowdfunding platform, which helped to make real lot of Jewish causes.

What do we need money for?

We have a really long TODO list of things we want to do and our users requested long time ago. So, we need minimum 10000 USD to complete the most wanted features, like Offline access to our databases. 100000 USD is the ideal amount of money for us to work hard for a whole year in order to deliver even better service for our users all over the world.

So, come to and feel free to write any comments and contribute any amount of money.

Looking forward for your support.

KosherDev team

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