A week ago we went to the most interesting Jewish food event in Europe – GefilteFest.
You cannot over-value this event. It was just wonderful.

Here are some photos from our stall.

We brought a lot of tasty food from Estonia, but mostly of Latvian and Russian origin. 😉
So, we attracted people with free food to our free app.

Our participation was also noted:
London welcomes Israeli (foodie) invasion by “Times Of Israel”

Outside in the JW3 piazza more than 20 food stalls vied for attention, ranging from an unlikely pair of Estonian Jews who have devised an “Is It Kosher?” app for your phone, to a young Spanish Jew hoping to get his supervised kosher olive oil onto the British market.

Record number get taste for Gefiltefest by “Jewish Cronicle”

The setting certainly impressed Chaim Grinfeld, who came with Moshe Beshkin all the way from Tallinn, Estonia, to exhibit the latter’s Is It Kosher? app. “I am surprised to see such a huge space,” he said. “It’s like another galaxy.”