Today families are spending less and less time together as far as one on one time goes and more time connected to things like social media. With a recent interview with Katie Perry, she goes on to say how she feels so lucky and privileged to grow up in the Jewish type religion that she did as well as being a part of the 80’s. Due to the fact that technology has come such a long way and so has social media over the years, we’re connecting less as people and more to our electronics and social media outlets. Perry goes on to discuss with a recent interview how she was among the last of her era to grow up in a childhood where they learned to play outdoors. The children from the 80’s really were the last to grow up playing outdoors and having an imagination. There wasn’t social media, there wasn’t such emphasis on smartphones and constantly having them at hand and using them. People were more about togetherness with their family and did fun things on the weekend. She can go on to remember how she did certain things with family during the weekend and just had the weekends to herself to do as she chose.

Perry further goes on to state that she feels that we have kind of declined as a whole due to all the technology advances that we’ve been given. Since people can so easily with a click of the mouse connect with others on the Internet and social media they no longer want to venture out and meet new people.

You’ll see families spending less and less time together and more time on gaming devices, watching tv or glued to social media on their phones. This just wasn’t something the kids of the 80’s was a part of. As a whole Katie feels that things would be better for a lot of people now had they continued that same trend with how she grew up. People would be more interested in the day one another had, what was going on in each other’s lives and so forth without relying on a tweet or status update. We have to feel that in some ways she is probably quite right in that aspect because people don’t spend quality time together anymore. You’ll find peers asking one another out via text messaging, conversations are had via messenger and social media and less time is spent with face to face interactions. We’ve come to a time where everything we do is based around social media and it’s really put a bridge between families, relationships and families as a whole. Perhaps by altering our own personal schedules and learning to spend time away from them we could build better relationships, and remove the gaps.

It’s important to schedule time away from our phones and social media and really spend time with one another, spend time with our kids and families. You really don’t want to miss out on what you can gain from those interpersonal relationships and interactions.

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