Community Kashrut was established in April, 2015 in Sydney. Since that time there appeared some pressure from older and bigger kosher authorities.
Just last week Kashruth Authority announced, that

These are, in our opinion, most unfortunately not upheld or maintained by CK as is clear from its website. Therefore, from this standpoint alone, it is impossible for the KA to recommend CK as an acceptable hechsher.

But recently released 2016 Kosher Australia Food Guide lists caterer Amaze In Taste (AIT), which is under CK’s hechsher. It means, that Kosher Australia formally accepts Community Kashrut. Community Kashrut is recognized by many international kosher authorities, so seems it is matter of time when Australia kosher authorities will recognize this new organization.

“Is it kosher?” welcomes any new kosher authority on the market, because it create healthy competition among organizations, certifying kosher and increases transparency for the whole kosher market.

Source: Kosher Australia: ‘CK is reliable’

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