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Torremolinos is a city in southern Spain in Andalusia on the Mediterranean Cost (Costa del Sol) only 13 km away from Malaga and 7 km from the Airport of Malaga. It has 70.000 inhabitants from which 15.000 are foreigners.
Torremolinos has a relativ young Modern Orthodox Jewish Community (from the 70-th) of about 300 members. Nevertheless we have:

  • A very cozy Synagogue with daily Minyan (if there are groups or shomerim Shabat, I would advise to send a copy of the passport by e-mail before coming to Shul on Shabbat because of security reasons)
  • A kosher Mikve
  • A kosher supermarket with butchery (you can buy meat, cold cuts, bread Pat Israel, Milk Halav Israel, cakes, canned fish, vines and much more.
  • A kosher Restaurant and take away (meaty)

A kosher catering made by the restaurant. Certificate.
For groups can be organized seudot in the Hotel NCH which belongs to a member of the community or in the Hotel Cervantes.
There are also holiday apartments in the Hotel Torre de la Roca, 5´ walking from the Synagogue.
We have 3 doctors in the community who can be contacted in case of emergency.
From Torremolinos you can make trips to Granada, Cordoba, Seville or Gibraltar.
Here are some useful phone numbers:
Secretary of the community: +34-952052550, e-mail:
Supermarket: +34-952058160 e-mail:
Kosher catering for groups and events: Molly Truzman: +34-665636532


Nearest places to daven (Synagogues, minyans, etc.)

Comunidad Israelita de MalagaCalle Duquesa de Parcent 8, MalagaEdot-HaMizrach
Kahal Kadosh Nefusot Yehudah Synagogue65 Line Wall Road, GibraltarEdot-HaMizrach
Shaar HashamymEngineer lane, GibraltarEdot-HaMizrach
Comunidad Judia de SevillaBustos Tavera 8, SevillaSefard
Kolel kol yaacovChacel 6, MelillaOther

Nearest places to eat kosher

table class="table table-striped" id="table-places">NameAddressTypeCash KashCalle Conde de Mieres 21 29620 TorremolinosRESTAURANT,CATERING,SHOPu200bu200bu200bGourmet Deli Kosheru200bu200bC/ Montes de Oca Nº 12. Malaga 29007CAFE,SUPERMARKET,SHOPChabad Marbella Calle Ana de Austria, Marbella, SpainSYNAGOGUEAgridulceAv. Stim 66, entrada por calle Polvora MexicoCAFEAgridulceAv. Stim 66, entrada por calle Polvora MexicoCAFEportugalPortugalRESTAURANTAquapolisEsplanada das Docas, AbrantesRESTAURANTRefeições Kosher (particular) / Kosher meals (private) em LisboaRua Rodrigo da Fonseca 38, 1ºDCATERINGLIBERTY SUPERMARKET Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira 9DSUPERMARKETEL CORTE INGLÊSAv. António Augusto de Aguiar 31, 1069-413 Lisbon, PortugalSUPERMARKET

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