Summer is almost here, so we decided to publish articles about great places to visit! Don’t forget to download «Is it kosher?» app before your trip to find kosher food and places (restaurants/shops) worldwide.

Today we are going to virtually visit three countries and their pearls – Ukraine (Kiev), Russia (Saint Petersburg) and Estonia (Tallinn).

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine where live around 3 million people so that makes it one of the crowded cities in Europe. It is the center of business and culture for the country where you can easily find crazy nightlife alongside beautiful nature, religious sights, museums, theatres etc. We assure that you will not have a boring moment!

Recommended places to visit:

  • Independence Square
  • Hydropark Park
  • The Chernobyl Museum
  • Mariyinsky Palace
  • Babi Yar
  • The Brodsky Synagogue






St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, and counts over 5 million inhabitants.

It has always been considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the cultural centers of the continent.

If you like history, culture, good food, nightlife and architecture – St. Petersburg is your next destination!

When you go out to the city center it is easy to imagine yourself back in time walking along the streets with magnificent palaces, old churches, ancient buildings that are very carefully maintained and surrounded by river canals. Don’t forget to visit the city’s largest choral synagogue.  We also advice to spent half a day in the famous royal park Peterhof (it is a bit outside the center area and you will need half a day to cover road and the park).

Recommended places to visit:

  • The spas on the blood
  • Grand Choral Synagogue
  • Hermitage Museum
  • Opening, closing bridges at night
  • Nevsky Prospect Street
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Canal Cruise






“Pearl of the Baltic’s” Tallinn, Estonia

The city of Tallinn succeeds in strikingly combining the past (the old Tallinn city) with the fact of being the most technologically advanced city in Europe.

Tallinn has always been considered the most European city in the Old Russian Empire and the best place for a summer vacation.

As soon as you land at Tallinn’s small airport (also included in the top 10 airports in the world), you’ll feel like you a in a very special place, where technological progress is beautifully combined with the astonishing nature and kind people.

BTW, Estonia has borders with Russia, Latvia and is very close to Finland by water, so you can manage to visit each of these countries in a short time.

Art and song festivals, street food markets and other interesting meetups are held in Tallinn during summer, it is definitely a place to visit.

Recommended places to visit:

  • The Old City Tallinn
  • The synagogue and Jewish Community Museum
  • Kadriorg Park
  • KUMU Museum
  • Song stadium Lauluvaljak
  • Open-air museum in Rocca Al Mare
  • Telliskivi area in Kalamaja
  • Pirita area
  • TV tower







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