For “Is It Kosher?” application year 2016 was a great one – all our goals were achieved!

Our main goal was to become the biggest kosher application in the world with the biggest database for kosher products – done!

Check out these interesting facts:
We ended this year with more than 100 thousand downloads and more than 25 thousand active users.
We have 203 kosher databases from all around the world.
We added new exciting features:

1) “Places with kosher food” – with “Is It Kosher?” you will find kosher shops and kosher restaurants everywhere you go and you can always leave your feedback about the place.
2) “Prices” – check out the price and where to find the product you are searching for.
3) “Alerts list” – alert system to stay notified about products’ status changes (if some products are not kosher anymore or any other kashrut problems).
3) “Symbols list” – now it is much easier to identify which heksher (kosher symbol) is suitable for you.

Our goals for year 2017:

– release new amazing version of “Is It Kosher?”
– add more databases and new kosher manufacturers
– make our app social, with the option to leave feedback and possibility to add products by users
– bring interesting content to our social media.

With your help everything is possible!

Continue using “Is It Kosher?” app, send us your feedback and any comments you have!

If you are a kosher food manufacturer or you sell kosher products, join us!

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