“Abo Gosh” is very popular restaurant in Israel and could be found in many cities all around Israel to enjoy from delicious Mediterranean food.

One of the non-kosher branches of the restaurant was open in 2015 in the Airport City complex near Ben Gurion airport.

Unfortunately, since the opening the management has noticed a significant decrease in sales due to severe wave of terrorism that hits the country.

Owners almost decided to close the place when one of the managers came up with a brilliant idea – to make the place kosher!

Now this kosher branch operates under Rabbinate Mehadrin supervision and an additional hechsher by badatz Beit Yosef.

The manager Feldman explained that possible clients were reluctant from the fact that the place is not kosher. Being non-kosher also prevented the restaurant from suppling government companies. Feldman says: «After we became kosher, new audiences and many new customers come from all over the airport city center to eat in our place! ».

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