If you haven’t watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” yet, you should. Because we consider it as the most Hanukkah movie of all ages.

All who watched, know who is Jacob Kowalsky – baker, who wanted to start own business. Nobody would argue, that he is Jewish. He’s Jacob and he admired his grandma.
When he comes to a bank for a loan, he offers donuts. But we all know, that Jewish donuts (sufganiyout) are eaten for Hanukkah. So, he is so sure, that everybody would love to buy a sufganiya from his shop on Hanukkah time, that doesn’t think twice to ask for a loan.

One more proof, that this is Hanukkah story.
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Take a look on the calendar in November, 1926. you see it just before Hanukkah, which took place on the 1st of December. So, Kowalsky for sure was going to open business for Hanukkah sufganiyot madness.

And the last, the most powerful proof:
The whole story helps for fight Darkness. What is it, if not about Hanukkah?

Images were taken from Analysis of Newest “Fantastic Beast” Clip, Everything We Know so Far, Simple Luach and dneg

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