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The story about the man who eats kosher.

Based on true events


You can search by product name, brand or category. Just type in the name of the product and find all the possible information
Barcode scan
Many products in our database have barcode informaiton. Just scan barcode of the product and get immediate information
Don’t know where to get kosher food, open Places with kosher food and find information about nearest supermarket with kosher food selection
Restaurants & cafes
Check out, maybe near you there is a nice kosher restaurant or cafe. Feel free to add your favorite.
Kosher alerts
Many organizations issue alerts about issues with kosher certified products. Take a look on our the most complete list of kosher alerts from all over the world.
So many different kosher symbols are there nowadays. How to understand which one means what?
We collected kosher symbols from many sites and databases and you can get information about any of them.
Offline databases
No more extra payments for Internet access. Use our offline access feature and download any needed databases right to your mobile phone.
Our system stores information from more than 250 databases from all over the world.
So, about any country you are going, you will be able to find kosher food.
Follow products information
Status of a product might change. So, don’t rely only on you previous experience, follow status changes of the products in order to get the most updated information about them.
Request information
We established a network of Rabbis, who are happy to answer your request about kosher status of products.
Just in the app make a picture of the product, add barcode and product name. Ask you question and send. In 24 hours you will get a response.