Many of our users are curious, how our system is working.

This article is intended to clarify a little what our apps are doing and how we ensure that a product is kosher or not.

Where we are getting data from?

1. “Is it kosher?” database. We established a dedicated server with a database, which imports data about kosher products from more than 10 different resources. Import is executed daily. If some product is not available in the some data source, you will see a proper WARNING message.

There is a number of kosher-related organizations, which are cooperating with our project and provide their data to be imported to our database.

Among them are the following Nederlands-Israëlitisch Kerkgenootschap, Chicago Rabbinical Council, Star-K, Brazil Kosher Department and many more. We are working to get even more to our database to ensure the correctness and quality of provided data.

2. Famous kosher certification Agencies databases.

Our apps are searching simultaneously in all the selected databases. Besides our own database we are accessing information in such kosher products databases as Orthodox Union, OK kosher, London Beth Din, South Africa Beth Din and a lot more.

Due to the reason, that information about products in source databases differs a lot, we made our best to make data look common way.

Is it possible to know in which shops I can buy kosher food?

We added a mechanism for searching nearest shops with kosher food assortment. This functionality is still in development state, so you can just get general understanding where to search for kosher products.

Why barcode scan doesn’t work all the time?

The problem is, that not all products in our databases have barcodes information. Due to this reason, we cannot ensure, that you will get information from scanner for all the products.

But we also taught our app to recognize product name by barcode. This should work for many products, not barcoded in our databases. In this case app will search by detected name.

How does the camera option work?

Take a picture of the product and app will try to recognize it. This option should work for many products.

How many products are available in the app?

We definitely know about our database – it is more than 1000000 products (yes, you counted zeros correctly – 1 million). 3rd party databases also contain information about more than 250000 products.

Can I use the app offline?

Yes you can. Just simply take our subscription service and use app offline.

I don’t want to see the adverts while I use the application?

Adverts are not present for subscription users.

Where to install app from?

Where all the development is done?

We reside in Tallinn, Estonia. If you don’t know where it is, not a problem. Not many people know about Estonia.

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