Download "Is it kosher?" app More than 1 million of kosher products from all over the world. iPhone Android Windows Web RAV WOLFF ON DAIRY PRODUCT SUPERVISION Rav Eliezer Wolff of Amsterdam, a member of the European Badatz Igud Rabbonim, recently wrote an article Les fromages et produits dérivés casher (in French) on kashrut issues with regard […]

Carciofo Alla Giudecca is a staple dish for centuries the very old Jewish custom from the Romans. A few months ago the Israeli Rabbinate banned this version of cooking the artichoke in Israel, from restaurants and home tables and saying because it is unkosher.   The inevitable problem is that small worms or parasites present […]

We all occasionally see non-Jewish friends who are buying and eating Matzah, either to go on a diet or because they just like the simple flavor. During the Cristian Easter “millions of non-Jewish Dutch eat matzah as part of a nationwide tradition that testifies to centuries of Jewish influence on the general population.” It is actually […]

Evermore options for Passover 2018 For Passover 2018, there are a lot of private labels in various retail stores all over the world. Many of such products have proper kosher certification.So, we decided to collect information for the most common certifications in various countries and from the most common supermarkets. Here are the most common […]

“Is it kosher?” project started a new initiative – made it possible to ask Mashgichim about kosher products locally or around the world It started with an agreement with the Conference of European Rabbis, an experiment. We found that Rabbis who are into new technology are also more open to working with us. Together we […]

Our team is never stop improving our system for searching kosher products. Just recently we have developed a dedicated website for searching kosher products worldwide. Now, we managed to collect most of kosher certified products from Trader Joe’s and Costco. Check out the following links for details: Trader Joe’s kosher products – Costco […]

Our team constantly work on improvement of “Is it kosher?” project. We receive a lot of requests to create web-based app, to help those who do not use smartphones to find kosher food. Finally, we managed to release a version of web app for “Is it kosher?” project. You can visit