Kosher in Torremolinos, Spain

Torremolinos is a city in southern Spain in Andalusia on the Mediterranean Cost (Costa del Sol) only 13 km away from Malaga and 7 km from the Airport of Malaga. It has 70.000 inhabitants from which 15.000 are foreigners. Torremolinos has a relativ young Modern Orthodox Jewish Community (from the 70-th) of about 300 members. Nevertheless we have: A very cozy Synagogue with daily Minyan (if there are groups or shomerim Shabat, I would advise to send a copy of the passport by e-mail before coming to Shul on Shabbat because of security reasons) A kosher Mikve A kosher supermarket

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Panama Republic of Panama is located in Central America with the famous “hub of the Americas” connecting 39 countries and more than 150 cities in Latin America, USA and Europe. Panama has a vibrant Jewish Community and is a great for Jewish travelers specially seeking kosher diet and Jewish history. Founded over 100 years ago, Jewish immigrants from The Netherlands and then Europe and Middle East, end up in Panamanian ports seeking business opportunities. Today, Panama Jewish Community has: 4 Sephardic synagogues 1 Ashkenazi synagogue Most homes keep kosher diet and are a vibrant Jewish atmosphere as Jews are involve

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monako is a true gem on Mediterranean shore. And it is worth to visit it. There is no lot of kosher services in the area. New synagogue is nice and has Mikvah. But you can buy kosher food in Nice as locals do 😉

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