Yes, food waste has been common among ancient cultures and and you can induce, very Kosher! [amazon_link asins=’B00NIPV8VY,B074F16VH4,B004DN7MBU,B06XPGNDL8,B01DXBMKPK,B00STPNS52,B00BTK21X4,B01H0QDM7Y,B001942GAI,B01CUS63OG|B00ELCNR8A,B004W2WQ4U,B00EM6GUMK,B071LF7BMB’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’giulia-isitkosher-site-20|kosherdev-21′ marketplace=’US|UK’ link_id=’39c9527b-2c24-11e8-a884-4b7143a223db’] If that is not convincing enough, the highest source of  pollution worldwide comes from the United States, and a large source comes from organic food waste. Maybe we can decrease some food waste. Source […]

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the Jewish world as BitCoen. A new story is published in, called Bitcoin Divorce Presents New Challenge for Rabbinical Court in Israel. For the first time ever, a rabbinical court in Israel is now facing a bitcoin-related question. Cryptocurrency used in divorce? An Israeli couple, in their early thirties, wed three […]

“Is it kosher?” project started a new initiative – made it possible to ask Mashgichim about kosher products locally or around the world It started with an agreement with the Conference of European Rabbis, an experiment. We found that Rabbis who are into new technology are also more open to working with us. Together we […]

What we love aside from kosher food and startups? We admire fun and cool initiative. That is why we are happy to present a new project from our friends – JewQeeez board game. Here is message from the team behind the game: Dear friends! We just launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to produce new board […]

Everybody knows that there is very little of problems with kosher vegetables. But there might be some issues with vegetables as well. One of the most common issues is infestation. How to avoid this problem, you can find a lot of helpful information. We found an interesting way of lowering the danger of infestation, by […]

What can be better, that sitting with a hot tea, favorite cookies and a book? Right – kosher cookies. We know for sure, that you can cook your own cookies. But we selected the best of available in shops near you. [amazon_link asins=’B002RTEA9O’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’isitkosher-site-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’00a9556b-edf4-11e7-b66c-83ded4902b58′] Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Cookie Walkers cookies are […]