Everybody knows that there is very little of problems with kosher vegetables. But there might be some issues with vegetables as well. One of the most common issues is infestation. How to avoid this problem, you can find a lot of helpful information. We found an interesting way of lowering the danger of infestation, by growing own garden.
Recently I got a present from my brother – “Click & Grow” kit for 3 pots.
I am not fond of gardening very much but got intrigued. During first 3 months I got basil from started kit and now I am growing my own strawberries.

My wife got extended one for 9 pots and it is really different experience.

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Talking about salad, you can ensure yourselves if it is infested or not.

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Click & Grow is just same start-up from Estonia as our project. There is something special in Estonia, why such projects are growing here.

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