Misha Beshkin – the founder of the project “Is it kosher?” spoke on Estonian State Radio Raadio4 about project and what is kosher in general. Here is the recording in Russian. You also can listen to it on official site Raadio4.

Our project started as an independent and free solution for those, who are eager to follow Jewish way of life. So, our development team will make all the possible to remain in this field as long as possible. That was the reason why we decided to go for Crowd-funding campaign. We want our present and […]

We’ve got a new poster, which is even more attractive and lists all our current partner organizations. You can download it and print out for your community, synagogue or school. New poster download here If you want to see logo of your organization on such a poster, contact us, don’t hesitate. Special thanks to our […]

We are working hard on improving our apps on Android and iPhone. Recently we announced a location feature, which would simplify selection of the databases for your area. This feature was implemented in Android app and had got a huge response from users. Also Android app got a share buttons to have a possibility to […]

Android app reached 10K downloads. This is huge step for our project. Take a look on statistics of our mobile apps usage for last month Analytics Is it kosher- App Data Location Improve stats for your Operating System Android, iOS apps and Web Search

If you are going to Brazil in June this year and plan to be on FIFA World Cup, then you have a chance to learn about our project “Is it kosher?“. We’ve got a partner organization in Argentina Tourismo Judaico, which will represent us to Jewish players and supporter. Our posters in English and Spanish. […]