Check out this amazing video of how our “Is it Kosher” app is working and used all over the world! Thanks to all our users for sending this video reviews, and we would be happy to get your feedbacks, reviews and video reviews to publish. If you want to share your experience with us, please […]

We have a lot of news before upcoming Purim. One of the biggest news is new version of Android app with very important features: we collected information from various Kosher Authorities about hechshers (kosher signs). Now you can search for information if the hechsher is suitable for you some improvements for Alerts list. Now you […]

We’ve got an information, that the very first kosher authority was started on Tatooine. Kosher Tatooine will take care of kosher consumers on the planet. They told us, that soon there will appear a detailed list of kosher product on Tatooine, meanwhile they are developing a list of animals suitable for kosher eater. Is it […]

Kosherfest is the world’s largest and most attended kosher-certified products trade show. It took place in Secaucus, NJ on 10-11 November, 2015. Our team participated in the event as visitors and we managed to establish a lot of useful connections, which will improve the quality of “Is it kosher?” and “Is it Gluten Free?”projects. We […]

Today is the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah and it’s a great time to say Shabbat Shalom and Hag Sameah and kosher! May this New Year be as sweet as honey filled with peace, good health, happiness, and success. We decided to make an amazing gift for you – at the time of Rosh Hashanah […]

We are happy to announce that Manchester radio in their program “Jewish hour” hold an interview with one of the founders of “Is it Kosher?” app – Jevgeni Levin. Interview starts from 23 minute. Interview with Jevgeni starts from 23:00. Permanent link

Android app “Is it kosher?” just was released with new version 4.4.0. It got a number of important features, we hope our users will value. 1. Facebook login Many of you already know, that some features require active subscription, like offline databases access, product name recognition by image etc. In order to allow our users […]