Android app “Is it kosher?” just was released with new version 4.4.0. It got a number of important features, we hope our users will value.

1. Facebook login
2015-08-25 08.06.38 Many of you already know, that some features require active subscription, like offline databases access, product name recognition by image etc. In order to allow our users use subscription on various devices, we implemented login system. Now we made it even easier – just use your Facebook account in order to register and login.

2. Kosher alerts list
2015-08-25 08.08.10 We aggregate kosher alerts from all the world. So, now you will know what are the latest news in kosher products certification. We load only latest 10 alerts, but you can swipe from bottom to top and app will load more alerts for you.

2015-08-25 08.08.20 Click on any alert in list and get more information with link to original information.

3. Side menu
2015-08-25-08 you can press on Drawer Menu icon on top of the panel and side menu will appear.

2015-08-25 08.27.14 Check the options for quick and convenient “Is it kosher?” app usage.

Tell us about your experience with our app: was it useful? convenient? would you like to improve something?
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