Summer is almost here, so we decided to publish articles about great places to visit! Don’t forget to download «Is it kosher?» app before your trip to find kosher food and places (restaurants/shops) worldwide. Today we are going to virtually visit three countries and their pearls – Ukraine (Kiev), Russia (Saint Petersburg) and Estonia (Tallinn). […]

כאשר מתחילים לתכנן את הטיול : אפליקציות להזמנת טיסות ומלון/דירה/קמפינג Kayak – אתר מעולה להזמנת כרטיסי טיסה אונליין. SkyScanner – אותו רעיון כמו האפליקציה הקודמת אך תמיד שווה לבדוק בכמה מקורות. Booking – אפליקציה מעולה למציאת מלונות ולהשוואת מחירי מלונות. Agoda – עם האפליקציה הזאת עדיף להשתמש כאשר אתם טסים למזרח. Airbnb – אפליקציה מעולה […]

One of the favorite heroes of our team is Buzz Lightyear. We admire his braveness and courage. And what is much more important – his high-tech costume with a lot of features. We are eager to create a multifunction kosher app, which would help an observing Jew in any situation.

Our congratulations to Kosher Starbucks project with their brand new site with a lot of information about kosher options in Starbucks shops. From now all kosher latte lovers will be able to find kosher drink in Starbucks. We could not stay away from such opportunity and added a little bit more mobility to the project. […]

Many kosher travelers found themselves in a situation, when coming to a certain place, they were looking for a supermarket with some choice of kosher food. This is not only a problem of travelling people, but locals not always know either, where it is possible to find some bigger choice of food. So, to overcome […]