Just yesterday iTunes approved our app for iOS. We added lot of new kosher authorities databases – Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Uruguay, Colombia and many more. Also special thanks to Netherlands Jewish Community (http://nik.nl). They suggested serious improvements in search mechanism and added barcodes to our database for Netherlands. Check out the screenshots for the […]

New version of Android app is released. Get version 3.3 from Google Play Market. What is new in this version? – user login support added – products rating – added Estonian kosher list – added Finland kosher list – added Colombia kosher list – added Philippines kosher list – added Kosher Check. BCK. Canada list […]

October was busy with Autumn High Holidays. Number of users is constantly growing. We reached a mark for about 3100 unique users per month in 91 countries all over the world. Take a look on statistics Analytics Is it kosher- App Data Location 20141001-20141031 France reached the 4th place. Keep on going France and we […]

Android app version 3.2 got some really interesting improvements. 1. Thanks to Robert Reuven Pass for a help with localization to Polish. Reuven is a founder of Jewish iPhone Community – a wonderful resource for information about new apps and solutions for the needs of observing Jews. And some more news for Poland – KosherDev […]

Business Insider brought to out attention the map of Europe to know how to name beer in different languages How To Say ‘Beer’ In Every Language While You’re Traveling Across Europe [MAP] It is very strange, why Hebrew name for beer is non-geographic. But we’ll leave politics aside. So, you are traveling in Europe and […]

Switzerland is widely known as a county of Swiss knife, Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate and Swiss banks. Kosher world knows Switzerland as a country with most comprehensive kosher data sources. Long time our project tried to get this information to our apps. Lot of people asked us to do it. And at last we succeeded […]

We are glad to announce that we currently working hard to bring a brand new feature to our app. Starting from version 3.0 “Is it kosher?” Android app will allow to share information where and for how much definite product can be bought. Here is a small demonstration video how it suppose to work. As […]