A lot of religious Jewish people travelling abroad see such trips as a big “project” they have to prepare for. Planning for such vacations involves a lot of nerves and worries. We decided to easy this process for you and created a list of things that will make all your journey fun and enjoyable.

Today families are spending less and less time together as far as one on one time goes and more time connected to things like social media. With a recent interview with Katie Perry, she goes on to say how she feels so lucky and privileged to grow up in the Jewish type religion that she did as well as being a part of the 80’s.

The only store in the German city of Cologne, which sells kosher products, belongs to Cambiz Alizad, a Muslim immigrant from Iran. How it all began? The rabbi from the synagogue asked him if he has a kosher Gummy bears. Economic Coexistence: Germany has risen often in the headlines on the background of Muslim immigration to Europe and trouble dealing with it.

It seems like some obvious nonsense in the title, but no – there is such thing in Israel. Janglo brought to our attention the fact – there is beer KLP ONLY IN ISRAEL: Kosher for Pesach Beer!. And it is not a joke, but real beer from dates. Made from dates, that is. Its the […]