The only store in the German city of Cologne, which sells kosher products, belongs to Cambiz Alizad, a Muslim immigrant from Iran. How it all began? The rabbi from the synagogue asked him if he has a kosher Gummy bears. Economic Coexistence: Germany has risen often in the headlines on the background of Muslim immigration to Europe and trouble dealing with it.

The following story comes from the city of Cologne, one of the largest cities in Germany, presents an interesting coexistence between local Jews and Muslims who migrated to Germany.

Web site “Times of Israel” reported that the only store in town that sells kosher products, belongs to Cambiz Alizad, a Muslim immigrant from Iran who discovered the potential sale of kosher food in Germany.

Cologne, home to about 5,000 Jews that has to travel to Belgium or Frankfurt to purchase kosher food, this long way making the process of buying basic food complicated and expensive . Although in the city there are several kosher restaurants that import their raw kosher materials from Belgium nearby, but restaurants, as we know, are not a solution for residents who wish to purchase kosher food home.

Alizad, as noted, emigrated from Iran, opened a kiosk near the city’s Great Synagogue. Rabbi of the synagogue, entered to the shop every day, asked Alizad if he has a kosher gummy bears. Alizad said that he does not recognize the legitimacy product, and instructed him where to purchase it. Later he started to import the product into his shop, Alizad began to study the kosher issue and started to sell kosher products in his shop after he recognized the economic opportunity.

Today, Alizd imports kosher many brand kosher products mainly from Israel, meat and cheese he imports from Antwerp in Belgium and from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where there are big Jewish communities.

In an interview with The Times Of Israel ” Alizd explained that although he is not afraid to sell openly kosher products and Israelis products, the security guards of a nearby synagogue advised him not to publish openly kosher products, after the drugstore nearby was attacked when he set an Israeli flag (together with other flags) on the window. Today his shop becomes more and more popular and successful.
החנות היחידה שמוכרת מוצרים כשרים שייכת לאיראני מוסלמי

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