indiegogo_logo_detailOur project started as an independent and free solution for those, who are eager to follow Jewish way of life. So, our development team will make all the possible to remain in this field as long as possible.
That was the reason why we decided to go for Crowd-funding campaign. We want our present and future users to vote for and support this project.

So, we want you to go to the “It is kosher?” project support campaign on Indiegogo and support it as much as you want. We didn’t forget about some perks from our team, so don’t hesitate to claim your perk.

We worked hard and prepared a special video for our project to explain how it works.

This video was created by two wonderful professionals of their work:
Video: Vadim Zhuk
Music: Kirill Reznik-Martov

Special thanks goes to our old partner ROI Community. ROI Community provides a possibility to get a micro-grant for various opportunities and our project wasn’t an exception from this rule. We’ve got support on development of this video. This is really a big help for our small starting project.
Also a great help we’ve got with out Indiegogo campaign. ROI Community provided us as much as possible assistance in starting Indiegogo campaign and also will help financially. ROI doubles every dollar up to 5000 USD. So, keep it in mind when you are backing our campaign.

This is a big day for our team “Is it kosher?” – a new stage of project development and spread. Help us to keeps this project as much worth, independent and free as possible.

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