9_9f526b9769426ab0625b22df0c1b8ad2 Just several days ago we got an information, that the biggest producer of chocolate and sweets in Estonia Kalev AS got a kosher certificate for all the products. Search for this information showed us the following page KALEV AS KOSHER CERTIFICATE.

As you see there is everything wrong with this certificate:

  1. there is no such thing as Polish branch of KF Kosher
  2. certification cannot be done for a factory
  3. KOSHER – Parve/Meat/Dairy – this sentence is absolute nonsense from the point of view of kosher certification
  4. misprints and errors in Hebrew is the least problem with this certificate

We contacted KF Kosher and they told us, that they know about this Mr. Jerzy Cecerski, because he fooled a lot of companies in Eastern Europe. He made them fake kosher certificates as if he has authority from KF Kosher.

So, we’d like to bring this information to as much as possible wide audience in order to stop fake certification and to make kosher consumers aware, that KF didn’t supervise Kalev factory.

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