Rabbis from all over the world respond to consumers questions about kosher status of products 24/6. Send a product information request from app or site and get response from the Rabbi in your region.

Representatives of the following authorities will help users of “Is it kosher?” app to get the most qualified information about kosher status of products.
You can ask your questions in our app, or on the following page http://app.iskosher.com/kosher_questions.html
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Web addressstar-k.org
Responding person:
Kashrus Administrator
Director of Special Projects – Rabbi Zvi Holland.
Rabbi Holland responds to consumers regarding products in USA.

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Conference of European Rabbis

Web addresshttp://rabbiscer.org
Responding person:
Director of the Eastern Europe Kashrut Program of the Conference European Rabbis’ Rabbi Gedaliya Koltanyuk.
מנכ”ל מערכת הכשרות של הועידה ‘רבני מזרח אירופה’ הרב גדליה קולטניוק.
Rabbi Koltanyuk is responding to major requests from Europe and Israel.
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One Kosher

Web addresshttp://1kosher.com/
Responding person: Rabbi Nissim Hilu.
Rabbi Nissim Hilu, One Kosher Consulting, responds to consumers regarding products in Mexico.

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