Hanukkah has past and we decided to extend our list of kosher vodka drinks in order to help find proper drink for Purim.

What is kosher vodka?

In general you don’t need a heksher to have kosher vodka on your table. But some of the producers might filter with help of non-kosher ingredients or milk, and it might be a problem from the position of various kosher authorities. So, actually kosher vodka is just usual vodka without color additives and problematic ingredients during processing.

Eastern Europe traditions

Everybody knows Latkes, but not everybody knows where it comes from.
Latkes is very traditional nowadays in Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states and Russia. Sometimes it is called Draniki. It doesn’t matter how you call it – Latkes or Draniki, but if you know what it is, then we can say with 100% certainty, that your ancestors are coming from Eastern Europe.
Then you should also know which vodka to choose for proper support of Latkes on a table.

Moses Vodka

Finland is known not only for Nokia and Angry Birds, but with the best kosher le’Pesach vodka – Moses Vodka.
Moses Vodka’s production is now approved and supervised by different Badatz organizations, together with the cooperation of the Chief Rabbi of Finland, applying constant 24/7 supervision (Hashgaha Tmidit) using a video camera.

Beluga Vodka

Beluga is a very famous and very expensive vodka from Russia. It is certified by Kosher Russia authority under chief Rabbi of Russia – Berel Lazar.

Vodka Putinka

Putinka is named after current President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is approved by CRC.

Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya got famous in Europe and United States long time age and for sure it is kosher, certified by OU Kosher

Nemiroff Honey Pepper

Nemiroff is not actually vodka in traditional understanding, but we could not pass it. Special product from Ukraine, certified by OU Kosher

Russky Standart Vodka

It is just exactly how Russian vodka should taste. It is certified by Kosher Russia authority under chief Rabbi of Russia – Berel Lazar.

Kremlin Gold Classic Vodka

Estonia is know not only because project “Is it kosher?” developed here or Skype, but also for another kosher for Passover vodka. Product is under supervision of chief Rabbi of Estonia Shmuel Ephraim Kot. Copy of previous certificate can be found here.

Absolut Vodka

No need to say a lot about Absolut vodka. Everybody knows it and it is certified by OU Kosher

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