We are working now on a new app, which will help communities and Jewish organizations to create own kosher lists.

The idea of the project is the following:
– responsible people, which are authorized in our system and assigned to certain kosher database for their organization or community, go to the shops and add kosher products by kosher status.
– ordinary members of these communities and organizations use the famous Is it kosher? app. So, the will be able to find information about kosher products in shops.
– tourists coming the country and city, where such a wonderful list is created, can easily get all the required kosher information.

Meanwhile the system works on invite and manual approval, so you need to write to us to be added to the system.

Currently we are looking for volunteers, who might help their communities and us in this work.
App is available only for Android now. So, please keep it in mind.
Write us to misha@kosherdev.com or beshkin@gmail.com and we’ll test.

some screenshots

and video

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