We have great news for you. We just released a new version of “Simple Luach” application for iOS

Simple Luach will provide you a simple, lightweight Jewish calendar with lots of amazing features. The application will make your daily life more simple and your vacations and travels more enjoyable.

What is the difference between the “Jewish” and the “Georgian” calendar?

Jewish Calendar

The main difference is that the Jewish calendar is based on 12 lunar months (354 days), but with an additional month added every few years (7 times every 19 years). In order to synchronize with the solar calendar a 13th month is added every 3 years (Adar II).

Those using the lunar calendar usually begin their day at sundown. A moon-year has 354 days, and a sun-year 365 days.

The Jewish calendar is based on a combination off the two, and is reckoned according to both the sun and the moon. According to the Jewish calendar now is the 5776 year.

Georgian Calendar

The Georgian Is a solar calendar based on a 365 days and it’s divided for 12 months of irregular lengths. 11 of the months have either 30 or 31 days while the second month, February, has only 28 days during the common year.

Every four years is a leap year, when one extra – or intercalary – day, is added on 29 February, making the leap year in the Gregorian calendar 366 days long. The Georgian calendar based on a sun cycle.

What you will find in the “Simple Luach” application?

  1. Zmanin for every day.
  2. Jewish holidays, Rosh-hodesh, Fasts are marked on the calendar.
  3. Jewish calendar is shown as Gregorian layout.
  4. Calendar has widgets, which help to find out when Shabbat is coming and when is next Zmanim time.
  5. Map shows nearest minyans and synagogues all around the world.
  6. User can add their own events – birthdays, wedding dates and elc.
  7. List of Eruvs from all over the world.

What’s New in Version 4.0.0?

  • Fully reworked user interface.
  • Added possibility to save valuable events and get reminders by Jewish calendar.
  • Added subscriptions for extra functionality.

Here are some screenshots from new iOS version.

Get an app for your iPhone or iPad from here https://itunes.apple.com/TR/app/id918952058

Android users can get even more features (Apple users wait a little – soon you’ll get all of them also)

Get Android app from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kosherdev.simpleluach

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